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Bridgewater Stories


Bridgewater Stories

Students, faculty and alumni on what sets Bridgewater State University apart

What makes Bridgewater State University different? One professor said it nicely: “We’re not just a think tank; we’re a think-and-do-tank.” These videos tell that story – of students using their science studies to help people’s lives in Cambodia, of students in transformative internships that shift their career direction, of alumni who embody the culture of public service at Bridgewater. The growth and vitality of the BSU campus is a story in itself, along with the involvement of BSU in the local community, region and Commonwealth.


A Place to Build Your Future

Bridgewater State University offers a broad range of 136 undergraduate and graduate areas of study. It’s size surprises many: 11 000 students, 2,300 degrees awarded annually. A personal focus remains. The growth of the institution over the past ten years has been significant. It’s become even more of a place to build your future.

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New Bedford, Brockton, Southeastern Massachusetts

Your Community’s University

There is a cultural component to Bridgewater State University: a commitment to public service. There are educational needs in the region that BSU is uniquely positioned to meet. In “Your Community’s University” three of these BSU programs are highlighted, all expand the reach of higher education and open up opportunities for current – and future – students.

Southeastern Massachusetts

Your Community’s University – Special Needs Outreach

One of the outreach programs at BSU is one for special needs students, who audit college courses and are mentored by Bridgewater undergraduates and faculty. The program, called “Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment” offers the college experience to these students. Their inclusion has had a remarkable impact on their classmates and the community.

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Learning & service around the world

“Cambodia: Kingdom of Water” is a study tour where students and their faculty leader, Dr. Kevin Curry, professor of biological sciences, perform community service in Phnom Penh and rural villages in Cambodia. Together, they concentrate on water purity issues that have shaped Cambodia’s past, present and future.


Prepare you for your career

Bridgewater graduates – approximately half of whom are first-generation college students – go on to successful careers in the public service, business and nonprofit sectors. Every year, Bridgewater confers nearly 2,300 degrees to students in 90 undergraduate and 35 graduate programs.

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Washington, D.C.

Find your passion

Since 1998, Bridgewater State University has provided opportunities for students from all majors to gain practical experience through exceptional internships offered by The Washington Center Internship Program. As a result, The Center recognized Bridgewater as its Public University of the Year for its “commitment to academic quality for your students in the field of experiential education.”

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