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Faculty attend joint math meeting

Thu, 2012-08-16 17:03 -- egaffney

More than 7,000 mathematicians from around the world attended the Joint Meetings held in Boston of The Mathematical Association of America, The American Mathematical Society, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Bridgewater State University faculty attending the meetings were Dr. Annela Kelly, who presented "Probability Density Functions from Real-World Applications;" Dr. Laura Gross, "Linear Instability in a Combustion Problem;" Dr. Rebecca Metcalf, "CONNECT Math: A Partnership in Higher Education;" Dr. Shannon Lockard, an organizer of the MMA invited paper session on the Beauty and Power of Number Theory, presented "Multiple Choice Versus Open Response Assessment in Calculus," which was co-authored by Dr. Irina Seceleanu; Dr. Kevin Rion, "The Aluthge Sequence of a Shift Operator;" Dr. Seceleanu, "Cyclicity of vectors inducing an orbit with a non-zero limit point; student Thomas Howard with his poster, "A Mathematical Model for the Effects of Plague Aggregation on the Neuronal Network, which was featured at the MMA undergraduate poster session. Dr Seceleanu was his mentor on the project, which built a mathematical model to study the effects of plaque deposits on the neuronal pathways of the human brain.

Thursday, April 19, 2012