What if the entire community read the same book at the same time? The experience is amazing - and it's easy to participate.

Get the Book
Check out the book at the Bridgewater Public Library, Raynham Public Library, the Maxwell Library or purchase it at the Bridgewater State University Bookstore and pass it to a friend.

Join your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or fellow students, faculty and staff in reading the same book.

Come to a discussion group or chat with a fellow reader in line at the grocery store or coffee shop.

Attend the events scheduled community-wide.

A Walk in the Woods
by Bill Bryson

The Appalachian Trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and covers some of the most breathtaking terrain in America – majestic mountains, silent forests, sparking lakes. If you’re going to take a hike, it’s probably the place to go. And Bill Bryson is surely the most entertaining guide you’ll find. He introduces us to the history and ecology of the trail and to some of the other hardy (or just foolhardy) folks he meets along the way – and a couple of bears. A Walk in the Woods will make you long for the great outdoors (or at least a comfortable chair to sit and read in). His great good humor makes this a journey worth taking.

Becoming Odyssa
by Jennifer Pharr Davis

Many books have been written by thru-hikers, but none measure up to Jennifer Pharr Davis' epic. The Appalachian Trail speed record holder describes her journey from college graduate to a student of the trail in stunningly beautiful detail. Her tales from the trail are full of adventure and inspiration, and her writing is as lyrical as her Odyssey-inspired trail name. She offers concrete, trail-tested advice for aspiring thru-hikers, and she candidly shares her failures and frustrations along with her successes.

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