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Criminal Justice Symposium Held

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April 9, 2013

The Criminal Justice Department hosted the Symposium on Deafness, Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System, featuring several speakers addressing a wide range of topics. Legal issues, prison policies and diversity awareness were covered in the first part of the symposium.

Videos of the afternoon speakers can be viewed here:

Deafness, Mental Health and Communication
Keynote speaker Dr. Brendan Monteiro, St. George Healthcare Group, addresses deafness and communication: implications of deafness, deaf culture, deprivation and heterogeneity of the deaf population and related issues.

Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Court System Massachusetts State Rep. Paul Heroux. VIEW

Forensic Aspects of Deafness and Research and Treatment Programs Dr. Brendan Monteiro, St. George Healthcare Group, discusses deaf individuals and the criminal justice system, fitness to plead, use of interpreters and other issues. VIEW

Assessing Mental Health Services and Treatment Programs Dr. Jennifer Hartsfield VIEW