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February 26, 2012

Check out this recent event via BSU podcast:

Dr. Michael Sutcliffe, former municipal manager of Durban, South Africa, delivers his talk, "The geographies of transformation in a democratic South Africa," in the Science and Math Center auditorium.

A leading geographer in South Africa, Dr. Sutcliffe, who was actively involved in the struggle against apartheid, chaired the post-apartheid demarcation project that redefined municipal and provincial regions, substantially changing the politics in his country toward a more democratic system. In 1994, when apartheid ended, he became a member of the provincial KwaZulu-Natal legislature and, in 2007, earned the Anderson Medal award from the Association of American Geographers for his work in applied geography.

Click here for Dr. Sutcliffe's complete lecture.

Click here for the audience Q and A session with Dr. Sutcliffe.

Dr. Michael Sutcliffe (left) shares a laugh with Dr. Vernon Domingo, a professor of geography who coordinated the lecture

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