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Cape Cod Campus

Bridgewater State University is actively considering the establishment of a campus on Cape Cod and has been researching appropriate geographic and demographic opportunities for relevant academic programs offered by the university.

Bridgewater is working with businesses, schools and agencies on the Cape as part of our program development efforts. As we progress, additional information will be available on this Web page. For more information on this initiative, email

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Bridgewater State University looking to establish a Cape Cod site?

We seek to support the economic and educational development of Cape Cod by offering a quality, affordable higher education experience to residents of the Cape.

What type of degrees/programming will take place at the Cape Cod site?

The university has not yet determined which degree programs or noncredit programming will be offered at the Cape Cod site. We are working with a number of businesses, schools and agencies on the Cape regarding program development.

Where will the Bridgewater campus be located?

At this point in our research, we believe that the Yarmouth/Dennis area of Cape Cod may offer appropriate geographic and demographic opportunities for Bridgewater programs.

When will the university start offering classes?

We are looking to open a Cape Cod Campus in January 2015.

With whom do I speak about teaching for Bridgewater on Cape Cod?

For more information about our Cape Cod campus (including working for Bridgewater on Cape Cod), please contact us via email at